Maria Hodgson


About Counselling

Counselling, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Making the choice to see a counsellor is an important step but choosing the right counsellor can be difficult. Developing a trusting relationship and being aware of the connection between you and the counsellor can be the core to effective therapy. 

My aim is to offer you the time in a safe, non-judgemental, emphatic space where you can talk about whatever is important to you. For some it may be easy to dismiss one's issues in order to fulfil the demands and expectations of others. But how long can this be done? Allocating time to therapy can be seen as an indulgence and yet the internal suffering that can come about from suppressing one's issues is often very distressing and emotionally painful.

I work alongside you to help you generate greater insight and awareness which can be valuable.  I can work to understand the situation that you need support with and look at how this is impacting your life. We can work together to help identify patterns and themes (identity, culture or gender) and your view of the world and yourself in it to help you recognise your strengths and talents.

Together, once we truly understand how and why you feel what you do, it can be life changing.  It can allow you to make different choices and help you approach and view situations and experiences with a true sense of choice.


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Tel: 07413 181746

My Counselling room is based in Surbiton a short walk from K1, K2 and 265 bus routes.  I am a 15/20 minute walk from Surbiton or Tolworth mainline rail station. There is also free parking available. 


If you would like to contact me, send me an email with your details and we can have an initial conversation over the phone.

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